The Algorithmic Revolution In Computed Tomography

AlgoTOMO is a unique and patent pending Image Reconstruction Algorithm for CT, PET,
and SPECT scanning. Based on that algorithm, AlgoTOMO provides the Cloud Service delivering significant reduction in required scanning data without degrading image quality.
Much lower radiation dose, scanning time, and angular range provides for healthier imaging
and lower price range equipment.

About AlgoTOMO:

AlgoTOMO is brought to you by a team of scientists, engineers, and computed imaging industry practitioners aimed to deliver innovative, robust, and cost-effective tomography scanning solutions to the vast range of markets:

• Medical Imaging
• Industrial Non-Destructive Testing
• Food Inspection
• Electronics Inspection
• Cargo Scanning and Vehicle Screening
• Baggage Screening
• Mail and Parcel Inspection 

Get started:

To initiate the AlgoTOMO implementation for your organization, please collect your specific tomography imaging requirements and submit them to us over email.
Our specialist will get back to you in 24 hours.

Connect with us:

AlgoTerra LLC
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